Translation of PRO Questionnaires

Communicating with patients in their language
Health Outcomes Group has completed patient reported outcomes translations in every therapeutic area into more than 80 languages.  The buzz word in translation is localization, but in multinational clinical trials your translations need to be globally equivalent--not just locally relevant. Our certified linguists are professionals who speak the local language and are trained to listen to patients in order to communicate with them in words they normally use.

Health Outcomes Group Translation Methodology

Translation and linguistic validation of PRO questionnaires is a complex process that requires an experienced team of professionals.  Health Outcomes Group uses methods that parallel the ISPOR Guidelines that are adapted to the specific needs and requirements of each client.  Each translation meets the standards required by the FDA,
EMA and other international regulatory authorities.

Steps in our translation and validation methods                      Validation of e-PROs require special procedures

Health Outcomes Group is a Partner You Can Trust

We have been working on health outcomes since 1987, long before they were know as PROs.  Our team of professionals is able to respond quickly and efficiently to meet your needs.  We are not deterred by difficult problems.  Quality is never sacrificed and we guarantee that all of our work meets or exceeds industry standards. 

Linguistic Validation of PRO Questionnaires

Confirming what patients understand
Before finalizing any patient reported outcomes translation, a linguistic validation with patients who are representative of the audience who will answer the questionnaire is performed. This linguistic validation consists
of a pilot test to evaluate the patient's understanding of the instructions and questions in the target language.
Each patient is interviewed to confirm that his or her answers corresponded to an understanding of the questions that is equivalent to similar patients in the source language. This ensures that all translated questionnaires from a multinational trial are linguistically equivalent across all languages and provides confidence that the data can be pooled for statistical analysis.
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