Create and Produce Educational Materials

Educated patients have better outcomes and consume fewer resources
Education is most effective when it is begins early before someone suffering becomes a patient.  For example, broad based educational programs about the dangers of smoking cigarettes have had dramatic beneficial effects on mortality and morbidity.  Health Outcomes Group has worked with patients and the general population in understanding the individual's perspective about a variety of  health problems.  We understand the stigma that individuals feel, and the real barriers that these perceptions create in preventing people from seeking care.  Despite the abundance of information available on the internet, it is not in a format and language that the average person can understand and act upon.   It is critical that the public is educated and that information is communicated with sensitivity that respects each individual with their unique needs, preferences and values.

Involving Patients through Information and Education that is Targeted to Specific Audiences

Part of an educational series about depression.

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