Epidemiology Studies and Statistical Analysis

Understanding  your patient population and the evolution of their disease or condition over time
Epidemiology is useful in evaluating the distribution and determinants of health-related states (including patient reported outcomes) or events (including disease).   Various methods can be used to carry out epidemiological investigations:  including surveillance, registeries,  experimental and observational studies (including cross sectional, cohort and case-control studies).

Epidemiology Studies for Patient Outcomes Can

  • Minimize risk in planning clinical trials
  • Quantify the relationship between exposure and patient outcomes

  • Evaluating patient outcomes in the real world
  • Determine the relationship between patient outcomes and healthcare utilization in the real world
  • Establishing the rates for rare events
  • Characterizing the appropriateness of PRO instruments for use in clinical trials

      Studies by Health Outcomes Group

  • Describing the patient outcomes and hearthcare utilization of individuals with herpes zoster (shingles) to design a phase III clinical trial with 35,000 patients

  • Describing the relationship between asthma
    severity and hearthcare utilization of patients
    in the community in several countries in Europe

  • Developed a registry for patients undergoing PCTA
    to follow longterm patient outcomes in the real world

From an analysis of 12,914 pregnancies and 10,523 live births a statistically significant Increase In risk associated with maternal cigarette smoking was found for spontaneous abortions and congenital abnormalities. The risk of spontaneous abortion for the heavy smoker is estimated
to be as much as 1.7 times that of the nonsmoker In certain risk groups. The risk for congenital abnormality for babies born of smoking mothers is estimated to be as much as 2.3 times that of the nonsmoker, depending on age, pregnancy history, and other factors.

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