Using Outcomes Data to Guide Treatment

Using outcomes data to guide and evaluate treatment is at the core of Patient/Person-Centered Healthcare
Using the analytical frmework that is based upon a review of international research, there are five dimensions that define the concept of patient-centeredness and make it measurable.  These dimensions are:
    1.    Empowering patients through information and education
    2.    Respecting patients' needs, preferences and values as individuals
    3.    Coordinating care across service providers and ensuring continuity of care
    4.    Taking a holistic approach to patients as people with both medical and non-medical needs
    5.    Involving family and close friends in the health care experience, to the extent desired by the patient

Pain Outcomes Report for a Physician

Analogous to the lab reports that are familiar to physicians, similar outcomes reports can be provided to physicians to understand what is happening from the patient's perspective.  The report on the left shows how the pain has decreased from extremely high levels during the first three months to levels within the normal range after five months on treatment. 
It also illustrates the pain continues at levels at the upper end of the normal range up to today.  These are levels of pain that cause disability and impair one's ability to function normally. Similar information should be provided to the patient to know how well the treatment is achieving the targeted goals.

                                                                                                                                Patients want to participate in
 What patients need                                                                                  making decisions about their health

    1.   Information in a form they can understand

    2.   Respect from their physician as an individual
          with unique preferences

    3.   A health care system that provides coordinated care

    4.   Recognition that non-medical needs should be
          considered in making medical decisions

    5.   Involement in makiing health care decisions

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